Hi, I'm Sergio. Creative Director & Content Creator

With the ability to write, design, film, photograph, edit, record and ideate, I create content for a variety of clients in a multitude of medias utilizing a unique set of skills essential for today’s marketing needs.

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About Me

Jack of all trades, master of none. Well… not none. Read on to learn more.

Think, Sergio, Think!

That’s what I often hear myself saying whenever I start a new project. Let’s face it, coming up with new ideas on a regular basis can be tiring.

However, there’s nothing more magical than the moment when a good idea pops in your head. And that’s what I love about this job. Those moments. Those sparks. Those opportunities to collaborate with a great client and watch your ideas come to life. 

So what do you say — ready to create some magic?

Services Offered

My Work

From brand refreshes to animated videos, here are a few of my latest and favorite projects.

ID&E Report
Creative Expression Videos
Audio/Video Podcast
Brand Refresh
Brand Development
Video Series
Model & Microsite
70th Anniversary
Intranet Launch Video
Brand Refresh
Intranet Campaign
Valentine Campaign
Product Video Series
Internal Marketing
Internal Marketing

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Ready to create some magic?

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