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Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, I began my career at a mid-sized agency just after graduating from Columbia College Chicago.

Working closely with designers and art directors, and constantly asking questions to improve my creativity, I quickly gained the skills necessary to write, create and inspire.

With a love for words, an appreciation for clean design, and the mentoring of several amazing Copy and Creative Directors, I believe I have grown to become a versatile and strategic creative thinker.


From websites to preprints, POP to e-mail, I’ve written for a variety of clients and medias that have given me a broad range of skills that are essential for today’s advertising needs.

Ozinga Director/Editor

Plan: Create a series of day-in-the-life videos showcasing employees from various departments.

Action: Shadowed employees filming the work they do on a daily basis. Then, interviewed them asking a series of questions, then editing it down to a 2-3 minute video for use in recruiting and education.

Gagen MacDonald Creative Director

Plan: Create a Valentine message conveying the importance of being kind to all of your employees.

Action: Working closely with the design team, we created a script and storyboard for an animated video that I animated using Motion 5. The video was released on Valentine's Day, part of a Gagen tradition.

Mars Creative Consultant

Plan: Develop a way to demonstrate to associates the process in which products are manufactured.

Action: Created a series of infographics that detailed the process for employees to review via web, breakroom posters and presentations.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Creative Director

Plan: Produce a series of videos that demonstrated the success of their current corporate transformation.

Action: Created various videos utilizing smartphones in order to simplify and expedite the process in which stories could be shared by leaders to all employees.

Barberque Creative Director

Plan: Create excitement and generate traffic for their new store in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Action: Focusing on areas within the ULTA store, this grand opening campaign combined the activities of urban females and paired them with destinations found throughout the store.

AJ Gallagher Creative Director

Plan: Create a campaign to excite and encourage associates to participate in an upcoming employee engagement survey.

Action: Developed a series of light-hearted posters that utilized emojis to convey various emotions that employees feel about the company they work for.

PVH Mobile Intranet Creative Director

Plan: Design a mobile version of PVH's intranet called The Thread utilizing Brightstarr's Unily interface.

Action: Working closely with PVH and Brightstarr associates, we designed a mobile version of PVH's intranet in order to utilize their full capabilities of mobile and social interaction with their employees.

Amway North America Creative Director

Plan: Maintain and elevate the brand by utilizing brand standards developed by Amway Global.

Action: Directed a team of writers and art directors to create campaigns, web videos, event materials and more across multiple channels for the Amway brand and sub-brands, including Nutrilite and Artistry.

Sears Creative Director/Editor/Copywriter

Plan: Create promotional videos for various products and services to be displayed on TVs in store.

Action: Working closely with an Art Director/Editor, developed concepts and storyboards for videos edited using Motion 5.

Sports Mockery Director/Editor/Co-Writer

Plan: Collaborate with Sports Mockery to create video content for their site to generate traffic.

Action: Through a series of brainstorm meetings, we developed a collection of sketch comedy videos that made light of Chicago sports and their fans.


One of my favorite hobbies is writing, filming and editing sketch videos for my website Kick A Rock. Working closely with three long-time friends, we each write scripts, while I shoot and edit the videos, as well as maintain the site.

Oh So Good Burrito Writer/Director/Editor

Oh So Good Burrito is a parody of the popular Tasty videos found on Facebook and other social platforms.

Everyday X-Files: Remote Writer/Director/Editor

Everyday X-Files pokes fun at the mysterious things that go missing in your life with no explanation at all.

Tarantinoed Writer/Director/Editor

Tarantinoed is a short sketch based on one man's fears of being involved in situations that occur in Tarantino movies. These fears cause him to prep endlessly in hopes that his anxieties never come true.

Onomatopoeia Writer/Director/Editor

Onomatopoeia takes a comedic look at both the possibilites of a magic button and the joy of the word itself.
What can I say, I love sounds.

Home Invasion Director/Editor

Home Invasion was written and created for the 2015 48 Hour Film Project. The objective was to write, shoot and edit a short film within 48 hours. This year, our film won Best Motion Graphics and Audience Choice Runner-Up.

Swept Away Co-writer/DP/Editor

Swept Away was written and created for the 2012 48 Hour Film Project. The objective was to write, shoot and edit a short film within 48 hours. Our film went on to win the Audience Choice Award for our group.